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Prepare your executive top talents & get your organization ready to work in partnership with intelligent artificial entities.

At e-Merit Academy we believe talents are, in view of the up-coming Cyber-Reality and the fast developing Artificial Intelligence, the guarantee for human uniqueness in business.

We need to leverage the world talent pool to secure the future of humanity and create a better life quality for all. Furthermore talents are the most important corporate assets and the executive talents are the crown jewels.

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Global Executive Talent Development. e-Merit Academy is the new way for talent development.



We provide individualized development for executive talents and are enabling the creation the new generation of leaders for the Cyber-Age. The collateral approach is a new way to instilling talent development practices across the whole organization.



Professionalism. We are professionals of Talent Development Care. We care about Executive Talents Passion. We are passionate about Talent Development


The World Today

Today we are living in a world dominated by digitalization, that is being shaped by many different factors, which have different impact in different parts of the world. We can see three powerful converging megatrends: globalization, digitalization and creation, being shaped by six global forces: social changes, growth of the cities, the technological changes, global connectivity, environmental changes, and asymmetric conflicts.

“The expected future is highly uncertain and fragile. We can anticipate and explore the future, or create it. This is our choice.”

Towards the world of tomorrow

We are living in an extraordinary time. Everything seems to be put upside down. The deep transformation is not finished yet. Beyond the digital reality, a new – much more potent and disruptive revolution is emerging, the Virtual Reality (VR). According to many experts, VR is the second part of Cyber-Age. It will entail by far more radical transformation than everything we have seen before. In fact, the digitalization is just a step, a necessary transition towards VR. Digital reality is the “infrastructure” of VR. The progress of the VR is tightly linked to the development of ICT and the Artificial Intelligent (hereafter AI). The digital reality, the augmented reality and the virtual reality are creating the “Cyber-Reality”.

Within the next decade or so, we will have to cope with the challenges of virtualization.

Several extremely powerful forces are pushing us into this new world, where nobody has been there before: Cyber-Reality; fast growing Artificial Intelligence (AI), convergence in science (research, knowledge and expertise), technology (know how), and society (talents); connectivity of people, artifacts and AIEs across the different realities, based on a ‘new intelligent internet’; and last but not least Hybrid work and business.

The purpose of the e-Merit Academy is to develop and implement in partnership with corporate customers an executive top talent development strategy, based on the collateral development approach. Collateral means, the talent development practices will be spread across the whole organization beginning with the executive talents taking part in this talent development journey. This allows the company executives to fully develop their executive talents, the company to get new solutions for key corporate issues, and to spread the talent development practices across the company.

e-Merit Academy Framework

e-Merit Academy has created a new framework involving outstanding academics and executives, which helps talented executives, and their firms deal with the new landscape that is shaping up due to the transformation based on digitalization, virtualization, and globalization. It opens an important path towards the new world of Cyber Age. This new way of development is designed and targeted for high potential executive talent. In the digital age information became a value in its own right. In the virtual age talents will have to be treated as value. The ability of partnership with the non-human entities will be of highly value as well. We offer an innovative personalized Executive Talent Development, which is also linked to corporate development. We label this breakthrough angle: Collateral Talent Development.

It is a new framework that helps talented executives and their firms deal with the new landscape that is shaping up due to the transformation based on digitalization, virtualization, and Globalization. It opens an important path towards the new world of Cyber Age.

We are supporting the in-house development of executive talents. The executive talents do not need to leave the company throughout the development.

It is necessary to organize individualized Life-Long Learning and Development; also, to secure relevance and meaningfulness of people.

Collateral Talent Development

Collateral development is starting with executive high potentials and from there spreading talent development know-how up-wards, laterally to peers and downwards. Infusing talent development practices into corporate culture. It begins with the focus on individualized talent development of executive talents completing an executive challenge with collateral development of competencies and talents of the project team. Later on happens a rollout into the organization. The participants of the project team Executive Journey can be enabled to become coaches for talent development of their peers. Collateral development links Talent development to solutions of corporate key issues and future development of the corporation. It is creating and enhancing of entrepreneurial spirit in the corporation. But this requires involving top executives from the organization as mentors and coaches.

e-Merit Academy Framework Collateral Talent Development

The core of the executive talent development is the Executive Journey tailored around the specific competency and talent development needs of the participants. The journey allows the participant to focus on the development of the deliberate and efficient development of core executive skills and competencies. And to create value for the sponsoring organization solving a key corporate key issue at the same time. Each executive participating in this program creates a journey and a specific team. As a part of the assignment, he/she is also coaching the development of the core competencies of his/her team members, with the support of his tutor and his mentor. The team can be enlarged with specific talents outside the company as well. This may attract additional talents to the company. In this way, the company gets its own dynamic talent development lab.

The key skills we wish the participants to learn and experience in their journey from the very beginning are resourcefulness and initiative taking. Thus, from day one, each participant will select a key corporate challenge to be solved. After initial assessment by the e-MA talent committee, each participant will be assigned to one of our distinguished professors, which will become their tutor, and in parallel a successful executive will be assigned and become their mentor throughout the journey. The executive mentors can be also proposed from within the sponsoring company. Moreover, each participant will have access to additional professors and executives who have complementary knowledge and experience as need arises (i.e. skills in strategy, marketing innovation etc.) In sum, each participant creates a personal roadmap for executive talent development, defining objectives to achieve, challenge(s) to be solved, and tracking progress and results. In addition he/she creates an own talent development network. The executive challenge consists of three sequential stages. Each stage is a standalone content, and once terminated successfully is accompanied with a certificate resp. diploma.

What is Talent?

Our talent concept is based on a pragmatic approach. It is due to the main focus on the talent development. We consider talent as the outcome of a purposeful deployment and application of a core competency. A core competency is based on the application of a core skill on a selected focus domain of knowledge and knowhow. This requires also a deliberate training and development of the core skill and continuous learning about the focus domain.

Core characteristics like perseverance, resourcefulness are strong enablers of talent development. Permanent life long development of competencies and talents supported by an individualized system needs to be supported by a development network and meaningful deployment. This will be particularly important for the executive talents. This cannot be achieved in the existing academic and corporate education system. We need to define new ways and approaches for talent development!

We are working on the basis of four core executive competencies: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Acumen (LEMBA) and four executive key drivers Acceptance, Power, Achievement Status and Ownership (APASO).



e-Merit Ambassador,
Mia Kleregård

“Transformation of Leadership”

Chairman & Co-founder,
Mario Raich

“Cyber-reality and transformation of business”

Simon Dolan

“Work in Tomorrowland”

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Competencies gap analysis

  • Impact of contextual changesa

  • Impact of the Cyber-Reality

  • Corporate culture and talents

  • Available and necessary competencies

  • Core competencies

Corporate talent assessment

  • Available and necessary talents

  • Executive Talent Portfolio

  • Corporate talent key issues

  • Recommendations for the Corporate Talent

  • Challenges, risks and opportunities
  • Development options
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Expected outcomes are creative solution(s). Pending company satisfaction,the participants can move to the next stage. Each stage is a standalone content, and once terminated successfully is accompanied with a certificate.


Expected results include a compelling business case with proofs of feasibility. Pending company satisfaction, the participants can move to the nextstage.


This stage is leading to the implementation of the selected solutions andfinal presentation. In addition, a review of the competency map of the participants is undertaken. A diploma signed jointly by e-MA and the sponsoring company is awarded. The successful participants have also access to the exclusive e-MA network and the possibility to become executive fellow and talent development coach.

The academic tutors and the executive mentors can become members of the “e-MA Executive Fellows. They will be asked, nevertheless, to elaborate a life achievement success story in compliance with criteria developed by the e-MA academy guidelines; they will then become members of the exclusive “Executive Circle”.

Environment around an executive top talent

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HIPER for selected executive talents

  • Barcelona or In-company

  • Exploration and future view of the selected key issue

  • Individual learning and development

  • Exploring and experiencing AI & Cyber-Reality

Guest Programs

This e-Merit program is an important aspect in the top talent development and designed for executive top talents and their teams within this area across the globe interested in improving their influence at the individual, interpersonal, and team levels to develop High Impact Engagement in their organizations. Furthermore, our ability as executives to generate high impact engagement is not just necessary, but critical to how we, and our organizations, will evolve and thrive in our current global environment.

It is a two-phase training and development program: the first phase is at the individual and interpersonal levels, and the second phase is at the team level. In each phase very effective, globally tested, reliable, and valid measures are used to develop High Impact Engagement in organizations.


The Learning Needs Inventory (LNI) is an instrument that integrates theories of learning, innovation and work motivation. This individual level assessment measures four fundamental needs and provides a personal profile to include adaptability, innovation, and execution tendencies. When applied in the work context it significantly enhances self and other awareness that promotes high impact engagement. The Illustrations below show two examples from an individual and his / her assessment based on the LNI.

What you receive when you take the LNI.

  • Definitions of the Underlying Learning Needs and your score for each of them

  • Your overall adaptability profile

  • Details of innovation and execution tendencies

  • Your overall innovation and execution tendencies profile

  • A workbook for the creating a learning and development plan

Phase 2: Team Learning Inventory (TLI)

The second phase, the Team Learning Inventory (TLI) is a team-level assessment integrating theories of team development, team interaction, conversational learning, innovation, design, and change models. This team level assessment measures four major dimensions of team interaction and provides a unique profile of a team’s actual and desired states of engagement. Additionally, it captures the team’s innovation and execution capacities. On the right are two examples from a team assessment based on the TLI.

What you recieve when you take the TLI.

  • Response rates

  • Details of each dimension and the team’s scores

  • Overall mapping of the quality of engagement

  • Variance of team members’ ratings

  • Assessment of team performance, member satisfaction, and psychological safety

  • Qualitative comments from team members

  • Evaluation of the team from bosses and clients that work with the team directly

  • Details of the team’s innovation and execution capacities

  • An overall profile of the team’s innovation and execution capacities

  • A workbook for the team

More Info On LNI / TLI


Chief Executive,
Magnus Karlsson

Magnus is a renowned expert on the Central European IT market with more than 20 years of international professional experience. He has
contributed to several start-ups and open source projects. He is acting as board member in tech. companies and supports in the Biz development.
Furthermore, he is a consultant for enterprise architecture in different industries all across Europe.

Chief Finance,
Willi Frei

Willi Frei a fiduciary Services Expert, Decades of experience in financial services for the SME’s.



  • Heinz Zürcher, Business development (Asia, China)

    Heinz is a serial entrepreneur with over 24 years active in international markets. Through the various companies he has founded and brought to scale, he has been instrumental in introducing numerous prestigious European brands in sectors covering retail, food, media, renewable energy, health care and financial services to the high-growth markets of Asia. Heinz's expertise and strengths lie in business development (analysis, strategy and implementation), M&A, negotiation and critical business turnaround situations including leading the restructuring as CEO of a publicly-listed European media organization with interests in China.

  • James Bowen, Serial entrepreneur

    James Bowen is a serial entrepreneur, author, angel investor and professor with over 30 years of experience in a broad set of areas around startups and technology. At age 13 he developed his first computerized video game and at age 21, while still in undergraduate university, James co-founded a software company. Currently, he is associated with over 10 universities in both Canada and Europe, active in social media and gives advice to startup companies of all types. He has launched an entrepreneurship award, and his business experience covers all aspects of business with a broad range of customer types including non profits and government.

  • ED Marsh, HR Leader

    Ed is a recognized international HR leader with more than 30 years’ business and HR leadership experience in leading technology and FMCG multinational companies. Eds focus is HR strategy, Organisation and talent strategy, Executive development. He is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Most recently, he developed the Group People Strategy for Nestlé, looking at the impact of 4th industrial revolution, new competitors, rapidly changing expectations of investors, customers, consumers and employees. Prior to that, he was CHRO of Nestlé Professional, a 5 billion dollar business. As an HR leader, he has regularly coached and provided feedback to senior executives, as well as helping executive teams to develop collaboration and decision-making. He has led acquisitions and divestitures and helped to drive organisation and culture to improve results. For 5 years, Ed was Group Head of Talent and Organisation Development Nestlé, with a focus on increasing performance focus within a long-term and values-based culture, and more systematic development of top leadership, including a significant increase in leadership gender balance. Ed has also worked in HR and Learning leadership roles in the technology sector for several companies including Hewlett-Packard (computing) and Autodesk (software) helping to transform business performance by aligning business and HR strategy, leadership, and organisation culture. Ed’s style has been described by his clients and colleagues as business-oriented, having strategic vision balanced with pragmatism, while being a great listener and coach, and quickly builds credibility and trust to work with executives and their teams to achieve their potential. Ed has travelled and worked extensively in North America, Latin America and Asia as well as Europe and has lived in UK, France and Switzerland


  • Human Resources, Dave Ulrich

    Dave Ulrich is the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. He studies how organizations build capabilities of leadership, speed, learning, accountability, and talent through leveraging human resources. He has helped generate award winning data bases that assess alignment between strategies, organization capabilities, HR practices, HR competencies, and customer and investor results. Dave has published over 200 articles and book chapters and over 25 books. He edited Human Resource Management 1990-1999, served on editorial board of 4 Journals, on the Board of Directors for Herman Miller, and Board of Trustees at Southern Virginia University, and is a Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources.



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